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On Thursday, June 4, 2015, MVEF President Karen Heitkamp presented the final check to the Mountain View Whisman School District Board of Trustees and Interim Superintendent Kevin Skelly.  This has been a great accomplishment, but we can do better!  We will be significantly increasing our program support next year -- our fundraising goal for 2015-16 is $700,000.  We'll need everyone to give more next year! 

Where the donations went…  

Thank you to everyone who supported the Mountain View Educational Foundation this year. We reached our goal with your help. Your contributions made it possible for MVEF to give the District $587,000 for art, music, science, environmental education, and middle school programs.  Your donations paid for:  

1688 Hours of art classes in the elementary schools
2009 Hours of music classes in the elementary schools
11 Choirs from all nine schools to sing on the stage of Shoreline Amphitheatre
630 Recorders to be given to fourth graders
470 Garden-based, experiential lessons in life sciences
to be offered to kinder to third-graders

203 Hands-on science kits to be replenished
792 Hours of playground & recess programming
63 Environmental education field trips and in-class programs from Hidden Villa,
Audubon Society, Environmental Volunteers, Marine Science Institute,
and more, for students in grades four to six

48 Coaches to train and inspire 900+ middle school athletes on 18 teams
44 Referees and umpires to work home games for basketball,
volleyball, softball, soccer & wrestling

80 Bus trips to ferry 18 sports teams to away games
148 Hours of afterschool homework help & computer lab access for middle school students
45 Workshops for fourth-graders to develop the attitude, goal-setting,
and self-esteem skills key to resilience and leadership

72 Special education students to have access to individualized language
and literacy programs and other assistive technology

77 Eighth-graders to go to Yosemite National Park on the pilot trip of the environmental education capstone trip – about 75% of them saw snow falling for the first time
350+ Sixth to eighth grade students to take part in extended-day programs
such as morning choir, jazz band, robotics, environmental club,
art club, dance teams, karate club, TV production, and more  

5,052 Students to have access to programs that are essential
for a high-quality, well-rounded education

In other words: Every student in every school benefits from programs funded by your donations to MVEF. Thank you!


Events & Announcements

  The first MVEF Board Meeting of the  2015-16 school year will be held Tuesday, August 18, 2015 at the Mountain View Whisman School District office, 750-A San Pierre Way, Mountain View.  MVEF Board meetings are open to the public.  



Thanks to our 2014 - 2015
corporate donors !

Our Mission

The Mountain View Educational Foundation works collaboratively with the community to raise funds for essential programs with a goal of ensuring a well-rounded education for all Mountain View Whisman School District students.

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MVEF is a 501(c)3 public benefit charity, Federal Tax ID #77-0006770.