Programs - Your Donations at Work

MVEF funds core programs in art, music, science, and wellness, including electives and support for teachers.

Program Spending Budget for 2021-22 School Year

MVEF is working closely with the district to respond accordingly to the extraordinary needs of this unusual school year. We have pledged over $742,000 in support made possible by our generous donors.

But what if we can do more? If we can exceed our fundraising goal by $300,000 in school year 2021-22, we will enhance learning for all middle school students by funding one additional English language arts teacher to each middle school in school year 2022-23.

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Art by CSMA: MVEF pays for the art teachers who teach the weekly art classes in our elementary schools for TK-5th grades. The teachers are trained by and work for Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA) The program consists of in-depth, skill-building and sequential art lessons that meet the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards for Art. Classes and content is appropriate for each grade level. Taught by professional CSMA visual arts instructors, these art classes coordinate with each classroom’s curriculum to become an integral part of the school day.   MVEF is also funding Art supply kits for all elementary school students.


Music by CSMA: MVEF pays for the music teachers who teach the weekly music classes in our elementary schools for TK-5th grades. The teachers are trained by and work for the Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA) The program consists of in-depth, skill-building, hands-on, sequential music lessons that meet the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards for Music. Classes and content is appropriate for each grade level. Grades K-3 focus primarily on singing and rhythm. In 4th grade children play the recorder. In 5th grade students can choose an instrument to focus on. MVEF funds Musical instrument purchases and repair for elementary and middle schools.

Jim Wiltens

Instrument Repair and Purchase

MVEF funds the purchase of new instruments as well as the repair of existing instruments for all our 5th grade through 8th grade blossoming musicians.

Living Classroom

Science: MVEF brings hands-on science into the schools:

  • Living Classroom brings garden-based lessons to TK-6th grade classrooms two-three times each year. Lessons build from one year to the next on topics like photosynthesis, life cycles, ecology and relevance to students’ lives. Visit a school and look for planters of vegetables planted by children! 

  • Middle school science and elective supplies: Middle school supplies for science labs and electives (like robotics and art)

  • Environmental Education: Field trips led by the Mountain View Whisman Environmental Science Collaborative (MVWESC), which is a partnership of environmental education nonprofits led by the group Environmental Volunteers that provide coordinated science education to MVWSD schools. The collaborative is made up of 6 independent non-profits, each bringing their expertise to a student's environmental education. MVEF provides funds so that all children get to experience field trips in 4th, 5th and one middle school field trip, like a discovery trip to the tidepools at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, a day exploring Hidden Villa’s organic farm, or a boat ride on the bay with Marine Science Institute, and more. All of the programs from each provider supports the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) that identify core ideas and practices in science that prepare today’s K-12 students for success in college and future careers. Studies in the US found that schools that provide nature-based experiential education show substantial improvements in academic performance.

  • Elementary STEAM room supplies: MVEF is pleased to fund supplies for hands on and high quality science education for RTI (Response to Instruction) teachers. 


Middle School Sports and Electives:

  • Athletics: Interscholastic athletics including coaches, referees, and transportation to competitions.

  • New Uniforms and Equipment for Crittenden Athletics: to accommodate its move to the same sports league as Graham.

  • Clubs: Teacher stipends for clubs.

  • Electives: Middle school science lab supplies and elective supplies (like robotics and art) for teachers.