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The Need for MVEF


The Mountain View Educational Foundation funds programs essential to a well-rounded and competitive education that are not funded by state or local taxes.

An annual grant to MVWSD by MVEF provides a well-rounded learning experience for all TK-8 students at the eleven Mountain View Whisman School District schools: Bubb, Landels, Imai, Mistral, Castro, Monta Loma, Stevenson, Theuerkauf, Vargas, Crittenden Middle School, and Graham Middle School. 

Click the images below to open the 2023 Back to School and New Family Brochures.

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"Our District community and parents want our children to be well-rounded citizens who understand how they can contribute to all facets of society. We are so fortunate to have a foundation like MVEF that is committed to helping us realize this dream. MVEF is the vanguard that ensures that each student receives a balanced and well-rounded education."


- Dr. Ayindé Rudolph, Superintendent, Mountain View Whisman School District


Two Donations can reach every student


When families support both PTA/PACT and MVEF, we support better learning outcomes for every student in our local public schools. 

PTA/PACT are partners: both are committed to improving education in local schools.  MVEF funds programs across the school district that reach every school. PTA/PACT, in contrast, support the unique needs of a single school community.

By collaborating closely with MVWSD, MVEF funds programs which are smoothly integrated into the school day curriculum on a daily, weekly, or other recurring basis. PTAs, on the other hand, work with the principal and families to identify and support school-specific community priorities such as community-building events, customized programs, school supplies.


Please consider giving generously to both MVEF and to your home school's PTA!





In 1978, California voters passed the People’s Initiative to Limit Property Taxation, commonly known as Proposition 13 (Prop 13), limiting annual property tax to 1% of the property’s assessed value which cannot increase more than 2% per year. 

Your Prop 13 value is not the same as the market value. Suppose you purchased a home for $1 million 5 years ago and its market value increased 20% to $1.2 million today. Then your Prop 13 value can only increase a maximum of 2% per year or, in this case, a maximum assessed tax of $1,104,080.80. This changes if you sell your home as it will be then reassessed at market value. 



While most California school districts receive general-purpose funds through a mixture of local property taxes and state aid, some districts receive funding exclusively from revenue generated by property tax. These school districts are known as “basic aid” or “community funded” districts.


The Mountain View Whisman School District is designated as a “basic aid” district, and the cap in funding from Prop 13 limits the district’s capacity to provide adequate academic resources and support to students compared to other school districts with a more diverse funding pool.  Funds from property taxes and the government only address the basic three R's (reading, writing and arithmetic) and fail to provide students with an enriching, well rounded education.

San Jose Unified vs. Mountain View Whisman School Funding, 2020-2021

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MVEF and PTAs/PTOs raise funding for schools, helping to close the gaps from the state, federal, and school measures. Each organization plays a unique and essential role. While PTAs/PTOs support activities, technologies, and materials most fitting the needs of a specific school site, MVEF raises funds for the district overall, allowing it to fund not only materials and activities but also teaching staff, something PTAs are not permitted to fund. MVEF currently supports the teachers for the art and music programs at all elementary schools in the district, the coaches, referees, and buses for after-school athletics at both middle schools, and other activities and materials in support of a well-rounded education. We hope you will support both your school site's PTA/PTO and MVEF generously.  

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