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Art, Music, Science & More for Every MVWSD Student!

MVEF Survey

The MVEF Community Survey is now active! 

As a community-funded foundation where over 70% of donations come from families, your input is a very important part of the planning process for future MVEF-funded programs. If donations to MVEF approach the annual goal of $1.2MM by December 31, 2023, MVEF may be able to add additional programs in 2024.

Who We Are

The Mountain View Educational Foundation works collaboratively with the community to raise funds for programs essential to a well-rounded education for all Mountain View Whisman School District students.

MVEF was created in 1984 to bridge the gap between state education funding and the real cost of a quality education for all MVWSD students. 

MVEF donors are proud that their generosity reaches every student at every school. MVWSD is one of the most socioeconomically-diverse school districts in the Bay Area
. With the support of MVEF donors, every student in MVWSD receives enrichment in art, music, science, language, and more! This enrichment ensures that every student has access to opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable.

What We Fund

Sponsor News awards MVEF $125,000
for local impact 
and equitable education, Google’s philanthropic arm, has awarded the Mountain View Educational Foundation (MVEF) a $125,000 grant to fund equitable science enrichment for the TK-8 students in the Mountain View Whisman School District (MVWSD).

Click here to read the press release

Special Events

2023 Spring Gala recap

The MVEF Spring Gala, held April 29 2023, raised the highest amount in MVEF history:  approximately  $130,000 through the live and online auctions, Fund-A-Need, corporate sponsorships, and related activities. The MVEF Board and Executive Directors would like to thank the many generous donors, volunteers, and sponsors who made this year's Gala such a successful event!

Fundraising Status

MVEF Progress Indicator (4).png
updated 10/1/23

As of October 1, MVEF has raised just shy of $400,000.

Thank you to our early donors and to the many volunteers and supporters for spreading the word about MVEF!

Through a generous early repeat grant by Google and the early support of donors, MVEF began the 2023-24 school year with over 10% of the $1,200,000 goal already achieved.
 If MVEF achieves the goal by December 31, we can plan to fund additional programs in the future. 

Through the hard work of MVEF volunteers and the generosity of our donors and corporate sponsors, we successfully raised 100% of our 2022-23 goal of $1,200,000. 

What We Do


The Mountain View Educational Foundation is a volunteer-driven 501(c)3 that brings essential programs to all 11 Mountain View Whisman School District (MVWSD) schools. 

The mission of MVEF is to "work collaboratively with the community to raise funds for programs essential to a well-rounded education for all Mountain View Whisman School District students." MVEF history is closely tied to the history of school funding in California.

If MVEF raises $1,200,000 again during the 2023-24 school year, we can continue to fund our current priorities and plan the addition of new priorities in 2024-25.

Most of our funding comes from direct donations by MVWSD families. These programs exist only with your generous support.

Get Involved!

How to Help

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Like other community-led efforts, successful growth in MVEF funding of our local public schools is only possible with the partnership of community volunteers. 

As MVEF funding continues to grow, we can fund even more excellent programs in MVWSD schools. In order to grow, we need more volunteers!

Volunteer opportunities include: 

  • Additional school "influencers" at every school site

  • Volunteers to inspire Gala auction item donations

  • Volunteers to help at the Gala

  • Governing board members

To learn more about these opportunities, please click here.

Our Programs


What MVEF funded in 2022-23

  • Music and Art: 

    • Weekly classes by CSMA for TK-5th 

    • Instrument purchases and repair

  • Science:

    • Living Classroom instruction and hands-on plant science lessons for TK-6th grade

    • Environmental science education with field trips in the 4th and 5th grade

  • Reduced Class Sizes

    • One additional English Language Arts Teacher for each MVWSD middle school

  • Middle School Sports and Electives:

    • Interscholastic athletics including coaches, referees, and buses to competitions

    • Teacher Stipends and support for Clubs 

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