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What's New at MVEF? Grant Announcement!


Mountain View Educational Foundation Receives $100,000 Grant from to Support STEM Programs at Local Schools

The Mountain View Educational Foundation (MVEF) is honored to receive a $100,000 grant from, Google’s philanthropic arm, to support California Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for students in the Mountain View Whisman School District (MVWSD).’s grant will help fund the ‘Living Classroom’ program to provide an interdisciplinary and practical science-based curriculum that meets NGSS, and ‘Discovery Education’ to support STEM-RTI programs that help implement NGSS for all elementary school students in the district. 


The Living Classroom program empowers the next generation by building environmental champions. Lesson plans expose students to garden-based education through hands-on learning in their schoolyard gardens. Students learn essential topics such as photosynthesis, life cycles, ecology, and the scientific method to help students build a future that is more environmentally sustainable. The curriculum reinforces students’ learning in the classroom and at home as students observe the impact of their efforts year after year.  

"On behalf of the  Mountain View Educational Foundation (MVEF), I am grateful for this generous grant from to further support student learning in the Mountain View Whisman School District. MVWSD serves a diverse student population in preschool through eighth grade representing a wide range of ethnicities, languages, cultures, and economic statuses. This grant from and the continuous support from all MVEF donors will further support MVWSD district-wide NGSS and STEM initiatives and programs essential to a well-rounded education", said Executive Director Dena Seki.


The Discovery Education program provides professional development training to elementary STEM teachers, instructional coaches, and school administrators to fully transition to NGSS. These standards place a greater emphasis on helping students understand the content of science-based learning, as well as the processes and practices associated with the revised framework. As a part of this school year’s implementation, educators will engage in using real-world STEM challenges and connecting to the interdisciplinary approach used last year to help grow the STEM learning culture within the district. 


MVEF is grateful for’s continued support of MVEF and MVWSD with over a million dollars of historical grants to uplift student learning in Mountain View. 

About MVEF

The Mountain View Education Foundation works collaboratively with the community to raise funds for programs essential to a well-rounded education for all Mountain View Whisman School District students not covered by the limited budget provided by federal and state funding. Thanks to parent, community and corporate donations, every child in MVWSD gets an opportunity to study art and music, attend impactful science field trips in 4th and 5th grade, and participate in athletics in middle school across 22 different teams. Students also experience hands-on learning in a garden environment and have science materials in elementary and middle school to provide for a robust education. Access to these engaging programs during the school day ensures that every Mountain View child has the opportunity to think creatively, work collaboratively, and make real-world connections to their learning.


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