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MVEF is a non-profit educational foundation run by an unpaid Board of Directors of dedicated parent and community volunteers who are elected annually. Their time, expertise and energy enable the MVEF to maintain a low overhead, so more of every dollar donated goes directly to fund our programs.

Dena Seki, Executive Director
Dena Seki has been an active volunteer in Palo Alto public schools since 2010. This has included serving five years on the Addison Elementary School PTA and Greene Middle School PTA executive board in various roles, including co-president at Addison. She was on the board of Palo Alto Partners in Education as Assistant Treasurer and then worked as Development and Campaign Manager. Prior to moving to Palo Alto, she worked for over twelve years in various finance and banking roles. She was a VP/Account Officer for Wells Fargo Foothill and worked in various positions for GE Capital, the most recent being as a Deal Manager. While working for GE Capital, she served as the Elfun Chapter Treasurer and acting Secretary. Elfun is a global organization of GE volunteers. Dena has a BA in International Politics from Penn State University and a joint MBA/MA from the University of Connecticut. She lives in Palo Alto with her husband and son.

Andrea Maes, Board Treasurer
Andrea joined the MVEF Board in 2013.  Andrea has over 15 years experience in the field of education, both at the secondary and post-secondary level, as well as in the non-profit world. Her varied career includes hospitality/event planning, student leadership development, fundraising/grant writing, communications and marketing. Andrea is currently a part-time education and development consultant at the San Jose Conservation Corps & Charter School. Her children go to Stevenson Elementary where she is actively involved in the PACT Foundation and has served as the chair of the Parent Education Committee as well as Chair of the PACT Foundation Board of Directors. Andrea has a Masters in Educational Administration from Santa Clara University. In her free time, she likes to go to the beach and spend time generally being active with her kids.

Dwight Rodgers, Board President
Dwight joined the MVEF board in 2013, a year after inspiring the Board to reopen its endowment campaign. He has two children who attend Bubb Elementary. Dwight has lived in Japan and Taiwan, and used to spend his free time doing geeky things like learn Chinese and Japanese by writing software that sorted all of the words in his e-mail inbox by frequency and Palm Pilot and Pocket PC software that automatically quizzed him on those words while he would otherwise have been idle in the subway. Now he spends his rare free time playing with his kids. Dwight holds a BS in computer engineering from Princeton University. He is an Engineering Manager at Adobe by day (and often night).

Tamara Patterson, Board Vice President

Tamara joined the board in 2019 to help the community raise our children to love learning and learn to work hard. Tamara is currently leading the California Equity and Excellence Initiative, focused on growing confident readers by 3rd grade. She is also on the board for Community Services Agency, which provides vital social services to our most needy residents. Prior to these roles, Tamara was a product manager and on the management team of a cleantech startup. She has a BA from Wesleyan University, a BS from Caltech, and an MBA from UC Berkeley. Tamara has three kids with her first at Gabriela Mistral and her other two in preschool. She loves making her children smile, family dance parties, and adventures on the road.

Hafsa Mirza
Hafsa Mirza believes music, art and sport plays and important role in child development and is proud to be a part of an organization that supports them. She joined MVEF board in 2011. Her first school volunteering experience was in her older son's Kindergarten class. Since then, she has been actively involved at Huff in classrooms, garden, yard and has chaired many successful events such as Hawkfests, Book fairs, and Multicultural event. She has also been on the school's Finance committee, served on the school PTA board as a VP of Volunteers, and was elected the PTA President at Huff for years 2012 and 2013. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, dancing, traveling and coaching her son's soccer team. Hafsa's academic background is in Economics and Finance, but for now her focus is on raising her two boys.

Cyril Bouteille, Board Secretary
Cyril grew up in France and is passionate about an enriching public education for all children. His two children attend Bubb Elementary and Graham Middle where they both enjoy the music, art and athletic programs offered. He joined the board to support MVEF in the critical role it plays in providing a well-rounded quality education for all Mountain View kids in tight cooperation with the district. Cyril holds an Engineer's degree in Computer Sciences and leads Engineering Teams in startups. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, exploring the outdoors, play the guitar and board games.

Ania Mitros
Ania has three kids, two at Landels and one still in day care. After a brief experience at a private school, Ania dove into understanding how our public schools work. Realizing how key MVEF is to a well-rounded education for Mountain View students, she joined the board. Ania remains active with the Landels PTA, seeing it as another piece of the puzzle of how our public schools achieve excellence on par with an expensive private school. Ania works as en electronic engineer at Tesla. She has a B.A. from Rice University and a Ph.D. from Caltech. She enjoys camping, bicycling, skiing, and writing.

Amanda Patron
Amanda joined the board in 2018 after many years of loving and supporting MVEF while her 2 children attended Landels Elementary School.   While at Landels, she was very active on the board and in the community by running various programs, including the walkathon, compost and recycling, and the 5th grade leadership team, among many others.   Amanda has a degree in Environmental Science and has lived in the Bay Area most of her life.  She worked at IDEO for 12 years and now works with her husband at their company, Earth Baby (compostable diaper service), as a CELDT tester for the district, and is on the Graham PTA board. .

Laryssa Polika
Laryssa’s passion for education and support for our school system was inspired by her mother who specialized in early childhood learning. After volunteering extensively at her children’s elementary and middle school PTAs, including holding several executive board positions, she joined the MVEF board in 2018 to help ensure that children across the district receive an effective education that includes art, music, and science. Laryssa has two children—a son at Landels Elementary and a daughter at Crittenden Middle School. She holds honours degrees in English and History from the University of Guelph and Communication and Publishing from Simon Fraser University. Laryssa currently works in Product Marketing and has a background in educational technology. In her free time, Laryssa enjoys frequent visits to Monterey, running 5k’s, and snuggling with her cat while reading a good (or bad) book.

Urvi Bhandari
Urvi joined the board in 2019 as a way to learn about the MVWSD, as a new resident and to support her partner’s kids in Graham and Bubb.  She grew up with understanding the value of quality education and wants to provide the same for the future of kids in the MVWSD.  Urvi is an ex Fortune 10 (AT&T, IBM, Coca-Cola & Walmart) executive bringing 20 years of marketing, branding, operations and strategy experience.  Currently, she coaches executives and startup teams to bring the human element to the work they do and connect them to the right people, resources, ideas and projects that will make them fulfilled individuals creating sustainable business results.  She is an active alumni of the Goizueta Business School of Emory University as an MBA and BBA.  She enjoys being involved in her community and connecting diverse mindsets through social engagements.

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